The little story

Thomas Jamet Emeric Berthet Julien Rouleau

Once upon a time...

Emeric and Thomas met in Paris during their studies. Passionate about gastronomy, quality products, and homemade cooking, they enjoy gathering to share good meals together 

In 2012, during a dinner, they decided to reinvent the traditional creperie by highlighting their philosophy ‘La Crêpitude‘. 

Joined by their associate Julien, they together develop numerous restaurants in the Paris region and across the provinces. 

Already 12 years...

The launch of the first restaurant


First opening in the largest shopping center in Europe at Les Quatre Temps


Opening of our flagship store in Marché Saint-Germain in the 6th arrondissement of Paris


First opening outside of Paris, in Lyon


Opening of the first franchised restaurant in Cannes


What is Crêpitude ?

It’s a lifestyle, it’s enjoying a glass of cider selected by enthusiasts among friends or family,  

It’s enjoying a warm atmosphere while listening to music that evolves throughout the day,  

It’s being treated as someone important by smiling and available teams,  

We tried to sum up the experience we aim to offer our customers in one word, and the only one that came to us wasCrêpitude