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Observatoire de la franchise

L’Atelier Artisan Crêpier has risen to become one of the leading franchises in France

100 000 franchises

L’Atelier Artisan Crêpier makes an appearance on the replay of Top Chef on M6

L’Hôtellerie Restauration

L’Atelier Artisan Crêpier: Tradition and Innovation

News Day

L’Atelier Artisan Crêpier announces an upcoming opening in Neuilly-sur-Seine

Resto Today by Zepro

L’Atelier Artisan Crêpier unveils its first advertising campaign

Observatoire De La Franchise

L’Atelier Artisan Crêpier is launching its very first television advertising campaign.

Sud Radio

Frontline Leaders: These Companies Driving France Forward. Artisan Crepe Workshop: Homemade Delights with Fresh, Local Ingredients.

L’Officiel De La Franchise

L’Atelier Artisan Crêpier bets on a mastered development
crêperie le petit bulletin

Le Petit Bulletin

L’Atelier Artisan Crêpier : The pleasant surprise of Place Grenette
Crêperie Atelier Artisan Crêpier a nous paris

A nous Paris

“Candlemas Time” : Discover the parisian crêperies selection with “A nous Paris”